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Cindy Phelps

“I love Click Computers. A lot of the time, they can diagnose the problem over the phone. This time I have a new computer and wanted to transfer data from the old hard drive. Michael came over with the transfer device, hooked up the old hard drive and told me what to do if the boxes popped up during the transfer. He also told me how to use the old hard drive as my back up for the new computer-saving me money. He is just the best. I love the honesty and attempts to save you money in deciding whether or not to make repairs to the old machine. Thanks Click Computers”

Ian Wade, Executive Director, Outward Bound International

“For over a decade I have run two businesses from my home office; both critically dependent on reliable computer access.  Click Computers, under the leadership of Michael, are far and away the best group I found for solving computer issues.  The service is prompt, the results are better than expected and any kind of issue gets resolved.  There has never been a “you’ll have to call the software developer, internet provider, computer maker…” type excuse.  The problem just gets fixed.  Though I was wary of buying a “custom” computer from Click it worked out brilliantly; I was able to upgrade after about 3-years to maintain performance and I was so satisfied I bought a second Click system for my wife, who also has a home business.  Michael was superb in explaining the system to my wife, who is a technophobe! Michael is smart, reliable and I’d recommend him and Click Computers to anyone needing a computer problem solved or a system purchased that will match the needs of a small business or personal user.”

Lorraine Shoaf, RN, BSN, LNCC Legal Nurse Consulting Firm

“Click Computers is a leader in the computer industry. Every time I need help, they are on-site immediately. They keep my company ahead of the competition with premier operating systems, maximum efficiency and no down time. They know their stuff so well, they save me time and money.”

Jesse Christopher Vice President, The School of Natural Healing

“Click Computers are superb technicians! Since day one they were straightforward and honest with us. I’ve never had to doubt Click’s integrity or how much they care for our company. They understand the value of being quick and efficient on the job, and always tell us exactly what they have done or are doing. They also are committed to making our company work how we want it to. They are willing to sit down with you and give you straightforward answers on what you do and don’t need. Under their help and care we have been able to completely turn our business around from technologically pre-historic to capable of keeping up with the technology based systems that make business run in today’s world. I consider Click Computers to be the best in the business. The thing that sets them apart from the rest is that they care for you as a person first then as a valuable customer. I would be surprised if any of Click’s customers didn’t consider them to be their friend. We consider their advice as that coming from our personal friend, rather than a company that is trying to sell us something. Click Computers team are the best computer technicians in the state! There is nobody more professional and committed to helping your company grow and be stable in constantly changing technological world.”

Pete Robinson

“Your service is invaluable to us older generation who don’t know who to turn to when trouble arises with our computers. Click did a splendid repair job on two of our computers. Also gave valuable advice on usage and security. You will always be on our “Call List” when it comes to computers. I highly recommend “Click” to anyone who has program, software or computer infection problems. You won’t go wrong.”

Fae Eugstrom

“I can’t thank you enough for fixing my computers. I had contracted some spyware and viruses that had caused some serious problems. I called one of the other companies, and they came to work on my computers, but unfortunately, the problems weren’t fixed. I called them and they came again. Despite this second visit, problems remained. Two visits and over 400 dollars in charges. I called them again and they said they would be happy to come again and charge me the regular fee minus 10%. No thanks. I called Click and had the problem fixed in one visit at half the price, and with five times the explanation as to what was wrong, how to fix it and how to prevent problems in the future. Click Computers are experts in a field filled with amateurs. I can’t say enough about how happy I am with the service, and how relieved I am to have a well running machine at last. Thanks!”

Pat Wells

“Several months ago our business computer was giving us a lot of problems. We looked in the phone book and called Click Computers. They came out the very same day and fixed our computer. We were very happy with the promptness and the service we received. Click Computers is very friendly and trustworthy. We since have purchased a computer from Click and with this we are also very pleased. We have recommended this company to other businesses and friends. We will be using Click Computers for a long time to come. Thank you so much.”

Karen Wildfoerster, Executive Director, Utah Animal Adoption Center

“I had the good fortune of first finding Click Computers when I was having problems with my home computer. I was so impressed with their personalized service and customer care that I called them when we had computer needs at work. A year-and-a-half later I am in a new workplace and the folks at Click have again become invaluable. They have worked with us to make great changes and major improvements to our computer system. We are doing things that I didn’t know could be done and it has made an incredible difference in the way we work. If there is a Click Computers fan club, sign me up!”

Jennifer Clement

“You guys were GREAT, all the way around. From the instant I called, your staff was kind enough to give me some general instruction over the phone and help put my mind at ease regarding the worm on my computer. And your tech who took care of my repairs was fantastic! He was very professional, pleasant and extremely knowledgeable; he patiently listened to my explanation of the problem(s), thoroughly answered my many questions and provided superb technical service. I could not be more pleased with your services and will surely highly recommend your fine company. Thank you, very much, for providing me GREAT service at a reasonable price. You guys were SPECTACULAR!!!”

Bud and Marsha Hughes

“Heads up everyone! At last a company that cares and has fantastic customer service. Mike and his business help retiree’s like ourselves enjoy having the personalized service we enjoy. Just think– before we were always frustrated with computers and minor problems, now just a CLICK and we are ready to go! This is spreading so fast, and we couldn’t be happier with the service. Keep up the good work and get to know Mike- he’s just a CLICK away!”

Heidi Hewitt

“Thanks Click, you’re the best!”

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